A Dependability Assessment Framework for IoT Driven Applications


Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


One of the most recent developments in the area of computer science, communications and engineering is the Internet of Things (IoT). The novel paradigm of the IoT is gaining recognition in the numerous scenarios promoting the pervasive presence of smart things around us, through its application in various areas of the society, which include the transportation sector, healthcare sector and the agricultural sector. The most interesting part of this concept is its high impact on the enhancement of human lives.
Despite this fascinating concept has been significantly integrated into the development of the society at large, the issue of dependability in IoT application remains a major challenge to the development of this concept. The need for the IoT-based systems to be able to function according to their original specification without failures in their operation is crucial. IoT applications are mostly deployed in a constrained and critical operational environment, which involves the use of a large deployment in the components. It is important that IoT applications are dependable in the delivery of the required service, perform as they were designed to perform and survive challenging environments. Hence, a solution to address the issue of dependability in IoT application is required for the successful operation.
This research explored a systematic and comprehensive approach in creating a detailed understanding of the dependability requirements of an IoT application. An analysis of the existing approaches to the design of an IoT application was conducted. The components that make up an IoT application were identified, with variations in the number of components used in the design of the applications which leads to the classification of the small, medium and large-scale type of IoT applications.
The fault tree analysis method was used in analysing the dependability of the components and their relevance to the operation of an IoT application. Thereafter, a dependability assessment framework is created to aid in the assessment of the dependability of the components that make up an IoT application. A simulation experiment was conducted using the provision of the dependability assessment framework on OMNeT++ simulation environment. The results and findings of the evaluation on the various scales of IoT application creates an understanding of the importance of the variations of the components in the enhancement of the dependability of an IoT application.
Date of Award9 Jun 2020
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Edge Hill University
SupervisorELLA PEREIRA (Director of Studies) & JUNYUAN WANG (Supervisor)

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