Using a Common Worlds Framework in Self-Study to Include and Value All Voices and Perspectives: thinking, being, and doing self-study differently

Louise Hawxwell

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My doctoral research explores my relationship with the outdoors and practice as a teacher educator working in Initial Teacher Training. In this presentation I share my work-in-progress in researching these areas through self-study.

Murris (2022) notes that some concepts can assume specific entanglements. For example, the term ‘self-study’ can suggest a focus on the self, the voice of the author, and human-centrism. I posit that research is one of many ‘world making practices’ that require us to notice both ‘who and what come to matter’ and who and what are excluded (Murris, 2022, p.29). In this presentation I explore how and who the concept of self-study may include and / or exclude, who is and who is not part of the world, and why this matters, not only to my study, but also to other research practices, education, and relationships with the outdoors.

My approach to self-study makes use of a common worlds framework underpinned by the concepts of relationality, where ethics, being, doing, and thinking are entangled and intertwined with not only humans, but also other-than-human materialities and bodies.
In my presentation I share my ethico~onto~episto~methodo~logical framework and present how this enables me to take my self-study in new and different directions. I share the ways in which I walk around concepts (Barad & Gandorfer, 2021), exploring assemblages and intra-actions (Barad, 2007), sticky data (MacRae et al., 2018) and affect (Deleuze & Guattari, 1987) through writing-as-inquiry (Wyatt, 2019; St Pierre, 2018) and slow thinking (Stengers, 2013/2018; Ulmer, 2017).
I also present the ways in which my framework and approaches enables me to put different bodies (both human and other-than-human), insights, practices, and a variety of disciplines into dialogue with one another, without silencing or privileging one over the other, thereby including and valuing all voices and perspectives.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 30 Oct 2022
EventCARN 2022: Changing Lives Through Action Research - National College of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
Duration: 28 Oct 202230 Oct 2022


ConferenceCARN 2022: Changing Lives Through Action Research


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