Transformational Literacies, resource design and Learner motivation

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New Literacy Studies and critical approaches to education, offer a potential space for transformation whereby literacy/language learners can explore their narratives and society around them. This shifts from a traditional, competency based approach to curriculum design to a culturally relevant, learner driven, and socially empowering model (Freire, 1993; Barton et al 2004; Duckworth, 2013, 14; Ade-Ojo & Duckworth, 2015) which takes into consideration the cultural, psychological and educational factors related to the Learners and their lives. Drawing on research from the educational and community- based setting this workshop explores effective and meaningful approaches to facilitate learners to take agency over their lives, enhancing their situation and empowering them and their local and wider communities. Further to this we will probe the impact of labelling on marginalization and exclusion, and examine and create approaches to designing motivational resources to offer solutions to barriers learners may face that inspire them on their learning journey.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 8 Apr 2016
EventACAL-ACTA Conference: DIVERSITY: exchanging ways of being - Perth, Australia
Duration: 7 Apr 201611 Apr 2016


ConferenceACAL-ACTA Conference


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