The Nomological Network and Latent Structure of Stalking, Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence

NICHOLAS LONGPRE, Maria Tachmetzidi Papoutsi, Nicola Beckett , Ewa B. Stefanska

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Background: Stalking, IPV and Sexual Violence are serious public health issues, where women are disproportionally victimized. However, there is a lack of research on how these forms of violence are linked, stressing the need for more research and the elaboration of evidence-based prevention programmes. The worldwide situation has led to an increase of antisocial behaviour (Hollewell & Longpré, 2021), and the pandemic has exacerbated the occurrence of gender-based violence (Longpré et al., 2022).

Aims: The aim of this talk is to study the nomological network and latent structure of stalking, IPV and sexual violence among different samples. A synthesis of findings from two under review projects, on victims’ accounts and self-reported behaviours, as well as preliminary results comparing non-convicted and convicted perpetrators will be presented.

Methodology: Analyses were conducted on three samples: 1) one sample of N = 1032 victims’ accounts, who had contacted the National Stalking Helpline; 2) one sample of N = 319 participants from the general population, and 3) one sample of N = 550 non-convicted and convicted perpetrators.

Data analysis: Univariate analyses (i.e., Frequency and prevalence), Bivariate analyses (i.e., t-test and correlations) as well as Multivariate analyses (i.e., Taxometrics, Item Response Theory, Mediation) were conducted.

Keywords: Stalking, Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Violence, Nomological Network, Latent Structure.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 24 Sept 2022
EventThe XXII European Criminology (Eurocrim) Conference - Malaga, Spain
Duration: 21 Sept 202224 Sept 2022


ConferenceThe XXII European Criminology (Eurocrim) Conference


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