The impact of annotation on students learning

E Ball, H Franks, JE Jenkins, JA Leigh, ML McGrath

Research output: Working paper


The University of Salford School of Nursing?s policy on provision of feedback on assessed work was written to communicate the processes involved in complying with the institutional policy (School of Nursing, 2005). This is a change to the marking practices of School staff and it is expected that this change will make a difference and enhance the quality of student learning. It is necessary to compare the effect of annotation on student outcomes with other types of feedback. It is anticipated this comparison will serve to highlight the strengths and weaknesses in the marking and feedback process The provision of feedback to students on their performance within assessment is seen by the School of Nursing as good practice and an important part of learning development. The Quality Assurance Agency?s Code of Practice for ?Assessment of Students,? Precept 12 (2001) on ?feedback to students on performance? states that institutions should ?ensure that appropriate feedback is provided to students on assessed work in a way that promotes learning and facilitates improvement.? Providing appropriate feedback to students on assessed work aims to promote learning, assist development, and extend student critical evaluation skills.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationSalford, UK
PublisherUniversity of Salford
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2005


  • Lecturer practitioner
  • Stakeholders perspective
  • Education
  • Qualitative


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