Teaching & Training Vocational Learners

Steve Ingle, Vicky Duckworth

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This book provides an accessible and user-friendly guide for new teachers and tutors in training and those more experienced colleagues teaching vocational learners across the diverse breadth of the lifelong learning sector, including further education and sixth form colleges, adult and community learning, work-based learning, private training providers and those working in prison education. This book aims to: • familiarize and keep you up dated with the changing landscape of vocational education in the UK • provide you with practical ideas, tips, activities and plans to support and enhance your teaching and training • help you learn from other vocational practitioners by exploring what they are doing in their own practice, in their own diverse learning settings • hear from the ‘vocational learner voice’ and how they view their education and what they want from their tutors The vocational education and training (VET) landscape has seen much attention and change over recent times. Whilst this is an interesting time for vocational education practitioners and learners, recent changes and debates can be confusing and unsettling, particularly for those currently in training or those colleagues new to vocational teaching or the vocational educator sector. Changes influenced by the impact of the Wolf review of vocational education; the Lingfield review of professionalism in further education; the Richard review of apprenticeships; the opening of University Technical Colleges (UTCs) and studio schools; the re-design of BTEC qualifications to include external assessment, are just a few of the recent indicators of the current debate, shift and thinking around the future and value of vocational education in the UK. We hope that this book provides a comprehensible and accessible text to support all practitioners to navigate their way around and deliver excellent workplace and college learning. It has been designed to offer practical advice and guidance to help shape your approach to teaching, learning and assessment. We use the terms ‘practitioner’ and ‘tutor’ interchangeably to indicate anyone working across this diverse sector - for example, teachers, tutors, trainers, lecturers, support workers, facilitators, mentors and coaches. This could include supporting your practice in the salon, the workshop, the kitchen, on the pitch, in the garden, in the water, the classroom or the lecture theatre. Each chapter offers very practical information, advice and guidance to support your work as a dual professional: both as an industry expert and a developing practitioner. We recognize that many years of experience and expertise in the workplace do not always prepare you to ‘CHIME’ with your learners straight away: • Communicate • Help • Inspire • Motivate • Engage
Original languageEnglish
PublisherLearning matters: Sage
Number of pages160
ISBN (Print)9781446274392
Publication statusPublished - 29 Nov 2013

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