TCP/IP Over Bluetooth

Umar F. Khan, Shafqat Hameed, Tim Macintyre

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As new communication technologies are emerging they are introducing new form of short range wireless networks. Bluetooth is one of them as well, which allows information exchange over a short range. Bluetooth is a low cost, short range and low power radio technology which was originally developed to connect the devices such as mobile phone handsets, portable computers, headsets without having cable. Bluetooth was started in about 1994 by Ericson mobile communications but version 1.0 of Bluetooth came out in 1999. Bluetooth is a fastest growing technology. Its applications are increasing as the research goes on. By using Bluetooth we can make connection for traffic between sender and receiver. It can be either synchronous traffic such as voice or asynchronous traffic such as traffic over the internet protocol. In this paper we shall discuss that how efficiently Bluetooth can carry the TCP/IP traffic and as well as we shall analyse that how retransmission and delays are handled when there is an error in a packet of data. In addition we shall discuss the Bluetooth layer model and how it works and make the comparison between OSI reference model and Bluetooth layer model.
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ISBN (Electronic)9781402087417
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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NameAdvances in Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering


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