Multi-disciplinary training hubs in North West England: The training hub lead perspective.

JEREMY BROWN, JOHN SANDARS, CHIDIEBERE NWOLISE, Sergio Silverio, Stevie Agius, Mumtaz Patel, Jane Mamelok

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    Increasing the capacity of Primary Care to meet the challenge of providing future complex and multi-disciplinary care in England has led to the increasing establishment of ‘Training Hubs’ [TH]. Other terms are used interchangeably to refer to TH activity: Advanced Training Practices, Enhanced Training Practices and Community Education Providers. The aim of this study was to gather the perceptions of TH Leads in North West England on how they established their TH and lessons learned.
    Five semi-structured telephone interviews were undertaken with TH Leads. Thematic analysis of the transcripts was undertaken.
    Four themes were identified: Motivation and Expectations of Establishing THs; Benefits to Learners and Practice Staff; Implementation Challenges and Barriers to Scale-Up; Sustainability and Wider Implementation.
    TH Leads highlighted that the establishment of THs enhanced the multi-disciplinary learning experience. However, several barriers for sustaining the quality of the TH learning environments were identified. Difficulties recruiting ‘Spoke Practices’ were greater than expected. Findings identified the following factors for consideration for wider implementation: the maintenance of TH Lead support networks; appropriateness of funding to encourage practices who may be reluctant to take on this additional responsibility; importance of communication channels between THs and HEIs; and the management of student numbers to ensure enhancement of the multi-disciplinary learning experience.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalEducation for Primary Care
    Early online date28 Jul 2019
    Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 28 Jul 2019


    • Training Hubs
    • multi-disciplinary
    • education and training
    • learning
    • workforce


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