MORE THAN TIME: A creative investigation into lockdown.

    Research output: Non-textual formPerformance


    What happens when the world stops as if someone had pressed pause on a projector?

    How does a filmmaker / visual artist react to this moment in time - to the first Lockdown?

    More Than Time is a short, experimental film, shot in Liverpool and created from photographic stills and captures this frozen moment in time by collating anonymous voices on an answering machine. The voices reflect on what we took for granted and now miss greatly.
    It fuses evocative images with a stirring soundtrack and spoken-word reflections.
    The monotony and blandness of undifferentiated days that seemed like “less than time”, is re-imagined as a period of transcendent “more than time” in this arthouse, micro-documentary.

    A sonic collage converts the imagined into a sensory journey. The film’s sound design features ghostly reminders of what sounds used to be there, a sonic impression of a time gone, an echo of the past.

    This cultural power cut became the inspiration for Covid promulgation, a sort of pandemic, Dogme manifesto? The film is made in a way that mirrors the lack of connection with people.
    The filmmakers never meeting fellow collaborators. The film is a visual metaphor for
    the process as much as its narrative is about memory.

    The past is a place we visit when we feel lost, the film attempts to reconnect us with the familiar by reminding us of this. It is not a film about boredom but a love letter to a place and a time that was on pause. It is a poetic response, imagined through film.

    National and International film festival screenings

    Cheltenham Film Festival
    Mobile International Film Festival Macedonia.
    Oakville Film Festival Toronto
    Birmingham film and television festival
    Sunday shorts festival London and portugal
    Cinequest film and VR festival San Jose
    Scrittura e Immagine short film festival Italy
    British Documentary Film Festival

    Original languageEnglish
    Place of Publicationormskirk
    PublisherInstitute for creative enterprise (ICE)
    Publication statusPublished - 2020


    • Lockdowns
    • photography
    • sound design


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