Maximising cognitive recall


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The impact of technology within education has been transformational. Through the creation of virtual learning environments and the adoption of technological mechanisms support for students, particularly those studying within Higher Education, has never been as comprehensively diverse.

However, specific to providing lecture-based resources, there is a real risk that in supplying detailed online learning materials which are accessible 24/7, rather than scaffolding students to become independent autonomous learners, mechanisms designed to support may inadvertently facilitate the development of a culture of reliance and dependency.
Rather than using technology to enhance their knowledge and engage in deep learning, an overreliance on technological support may manifest in the reiteration of lecture content rather than its assimilation and internalisation, and hence lead to narrow and shallow learning.

For example, where student’s rely on lecture capture rather than taking their own lecture notes, they may become disengaged with their own learning, and there is a risk that the lecture content will simply be regurgitated.
Irrespective of the academic discipline, encouraging students to visually recording

lectures through the use of techniques such as sketch notes and purposeful doodles, are an increasingly popular.
Hence, with the growing interest in the adoption of visual mnemonic techniques to aid the retention and recall of information within Higher Education, this presentation seeks to highlight the benefits of the technique to encourage learners in the process of active listening, to help maintain focus and keep them active and alert within lectures.
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Publication statusPublished - 5 Jun 2019
EventSOLSTICE e-Learning and CLT Conference - Edge Hill University, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Duration: 5 Jun 20196 Jun 2019


ConferenceSOLSTICE e-Learning and CLT Conference
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