Learning how to Teach Singing in the Primary School

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This module has been designed to support the teaching of singing by tutors with some understanding of how to set about the task. Resources include links to songs, discussion materials, links to published resources and web-based video materials, academic texts and student activities. The intention is to balance skill development in singing with pedagogical awareness and critical understanding. The module consists of three phases: (Pedagogy) What is there to think about in learning how to teach singing in the primary school? (Strategy) How do you teach a song? (Critical awareness) What are the issues to be aware of? The activities and materials have been designed to provide a sensitive approach to getting students singing. There is an attempt to identify free resources which could support students’ work in schools, and there is an opportunity for critical reflection on current initiatives in primary singing.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2008


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