Is Foundational Movement Skill Competency Important for Keeping Children Physically Active and at a Healthy Weight?

Jonathan D. Foulkes*, Zoe Knowles, Stuart J. Fairclough, Gareth Stratton, Mareesa V. O’Dwyer, Lawrence Foweather

*Corresponding author for this work

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This longitudinal study examines the associations between foundational movement skills (FMS) competency, moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) and weight status among children (n = 75) attending preschools in deprived areas from early to late childhood. Twelve FMS were assessed using the Children’s Activity and Movement in Preschool Motor Skills Protocol and video analysis. Physical activity was measured via hip-mounted accelerometry. Data was collected over a five-year period, with Baseline Follow Up data collected between 2010 and 2015. There was an overall pattern of increase for total, object-control and locomotor scores between Baseline and Follow-Up. Conversely, there was an overall pattern of decline for MVPA among participants. There was a positive significant (p 0.05) association between total and locomotor scores and MVPA at Baseline. However, these associations weakened over time and no significant associations were found at Follow-Up. Baseline competency failed to predict Follow-Up MVPA or weight status. Likewise, Baseline MVPA was not found to be a predictor of Follow-Up FMS competency. Further longitudinal research is required to explore these associations among children from highly deprived areas. Future interventions may require a more holistic approach to improving FMS competency and increasing PA in order to account for the number of variables that can affect these outcomes.
Original languageEnglish
Article number105
JournalInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Issue number1
Early online date23 Dec 2021
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 23 Dec 2021


  • foundational movement skill
  • fundamental movement skills
  • physical activity
  • preschool
  • primary
  • weight status
  • longitudinal


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