High Fidelity Simulation: Using technology to enhance simulation in Paramedic Practice


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    Within the social and physical context of practice, simulation is a technique that replicates ‘real-world’ activities and provides students with the opportunity to explore their own learning in a controlled environment. It can be difficult to ensure both the fidelity and the relevance of a simulation in a simulation or clinical skills.

    The utilising of technology can increase the immersion of a student in simulation. Recreation of an environment can allow the student to practice skills in a safe space with the feel of working in practice, creating an unpredictable event in a predictable environment. The use of patient monitors and mannequins that produce a life-like props that can be controlled by the academic, but interacted with by the student, can further add to this.

    Observation can be as important as taking part in the simulation itself. Not only does this allow peers to provide feedback, it also allows peers to learn from others practice. Many papers have shown the expansive value of observation as learning tool, with my own research again showing this in Paramedic Practice students. Having the students in the room stood around and observing can invoke an emotional response and added stress. Remote viewing and the remote control of the interactive props allow for no interruptions in the immersive experience.

    This session will allow the audience to take on the role of the peer reviewer. Utilising the CAVE, a simulated scenario will be run utilising an iSimulate, a high-fidelity mannequin, radios, paramedic bags and 4 students. Student may be invited into the audience also as experts in peer review and this topic of the simulation. This session will show how the paramedic team at Edge Hill University run simulations to increase the student experience and value of the learning experience.

    After the simulation and feedback, the audience will be offered a tour of the CAVE with an immersive back drop and the props that were used in the simulation. Opportunity will be provided to ask questions of the speakers and students in the Tech Hub lecture theatre after this tour.
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    Publication statusPublished - 6 Jun 2019


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