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A Max package built around two novel external objects for generating second-order Markov chains: gtm.markov and gtm.markov~. gtm.markov is an event-based object that calculates new output values upon receipt of a bang at its middle inlet, while gtm.markov~ is the signal-based counterpart to gtm.markov and calculates new output values upon phase reset of an incoming phasor/ramp signal arriving at its middle inlet.

In addition to the external objects themselves, this package contains a number of example patchers, as well as RNBO-based versions of the same example patchers and accompanying video tutorials detailing how the externals were developed and compiled using RNBO and codebox.

Most of the RNBO and codebox code for the two Max external objects was first developed for my generative audiovisual contribution to the "Together Un/Tethered" series of immersive performances as part of the Arts for the Blues: Creating Connections research project on which I was a co-investigator.

While Markov chains are possible using standard Max objects, the programming of such patches is an involved process and these two external objects massively streamline that process.

Knowledge exchange and impact:
My work in developing the novel Max external objects was presented at Cycling '74 Office Hours on 08/09/23 and has also been shared by Cycling '74 through their social media channels.
The package will be distributed through the Max application Package Manager, thus making it available natively to all Max users and maximising its impact potential.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherCycling '74
Media of outputOther
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 14 Jan 2024

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