Exploring the impact of Educator Masterclasses Embedding Compassionate Courageous Cross-Cultural Conversations into Psychiatry Training


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Background: International Medical Graduate ethnic minority trainees have a 32% lower pass rate than UK white trainees 1. This study explored the impact of Educator Masterclasses held across 5 English regions aimed at embedding compassionate courageous cross-cultural conversation into supervision and training to address the differential attainment (DA) gap.

Methods: Eighteen educators who attended the Masterclass took part in semi-structured interviews within 6 weeks of attendance to explore: What worked well; What could be improved; What was learnt; Is there an intention to implement changes in supervisory practice as a consequence of attending the Masterclass? Seven then took part in a follow-up interview 12 months later to identify if intended changes had been implemented into their supervisory practice. All interviews were recorded, transcribed and thematically analysed.

Results: The Masterclasses had immediately: prompted intentions to act; raised awareness of aspects of DA previously unknown to them; acted as a motivator for further reflection; removed the barriers to conversations addressing DA issues. Twelve months later, participants reported the Masterclass had: cultivated a change in participants’ way of thinking towards DA and triggered systemic changes to the structure of supervisory support.

Conclusion: This study shows that raising awareness of DA and building the confidence and skills of educators leads to positive change in supervisory practice to develop a diverse workforce. These changes (building better relationships, signposting resources) are expected to improve long term trainee outcomes. There is potential for future application to other training of trainers in other specialties and postgraduate training organisations.
Submission references
1 General Medical Council (2022) The state of medical education and practice in the UK.https://www.gmc-uk.org/-/media/documents/workforce-report-2022---full-report_pdf-94540077.pdf Accessed January 12, 2023.

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