Effect of inducing negative mood on executive function


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Executive function is traditionally used as an umbrella term for functions such as planning, working memory, impulse control, inhibition and shifting set as well as the initiation and monitoring of action. The executive function which refers to the ability to organize a sequence of actions toward a goal can be affected by mood and emotion. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of induced negative mood on female students’ executive function (Inhibitory and reaction time).
50 female High School students (ninth grade) were selected by multi-stage cluster sampling for this quasi-experimental study. Subjects were divided into two 25-subject groups of negative mood induction and control. For applying the negative mood induction we used Sam and Narges movie. Containing movie was confirmed by 20 persons as negative. After applying the 2 levels of mood induction, students were examined by Stroop task. Measurement of dependent variables (time reaction error and interference error) was done. Data were analyzed by SPSS 18 software using the Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) method.
Participants showed differences in time reaction error (mean = 26.22 for negative mood induction; mean = 10.50 for the control group) and interference error (mean = 11.14, F = 121.13, p < 0.001 for negative mood induction; mean = 4.2, F = 34.50, p < 0.001 for the control group). Our study demonstrated significant differences in executive functions, and negative mood induction students showed poorer operation in inhibitory and reaction time.
Induced mood can affect the individual’s performance. Negative mood induction has destructive effects on individuals’ executive functions (inhibition and time reaction). This affection makes them act poorer than in normal situations.
In the struggle between cognition and emotion, this issue shows the priority of emotion to cognition.
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Publication statusPublished - 26 Dec 2015
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Conference7th Iranian Symposium of Neuropsychology
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