Clarity and Doubt: Derrida Among the Palestinians

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This essay takes the Genet column of Derrida's Glas as its point of departure for a wider discussion of Derrida's contribution to thinking on the question of Israel–Palestine. What would it mean for Genet to be at war, encircled or outcast? What of the polemos in Genet, in Derrida, in Glas? How are we to show that what always interests Derrida takes place (or the place of Genet) among the Palestinians? What is the space of literature here? How does Genet explode as Western thought takes a bow? Through a reading of Genet's Prisoner of Love and a number of Derrida's writings on Israel–Palestine, this essay unpacks an important configuration of the biographical, the literary and the philosophical in Glas, which still has profound significance for us 40 years after its original publication.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)220-237
Number of pages18
Issue number2
Early online date30 Jun 2016
Publication statusPublished - 30 Jun 2016


  • Jacques Derrida
  • Jean Genet
  • Palestine
  • doubt
  • clarity
  • polemos
  • interest
  • Interest
  • Polemos
  • Clarity
  • Doubt

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