Helen Newall, Karen Lauke

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    'Blodeuwedd' was an audio-visual installation created out of a site responsive text written by Helen NEWALL to be performed for recording and then manipulated by a sound artist, Karen Lauke. It consisted of a poem written out from the Welsh myth of Blodeuwedd, the woman made of flowers, who is turned to an owl for her infidelity. The visual installation, designed by NEWALL, consisted of bunches of blue and white flowers wrapped around a large cedar tree with fairy lights, to be reminiscent of a car-crash shrine currently proliferating at our roadsides. The tree itself formed a small glade surrounded by ground cover and bushes. A series of eight small speakers were concealed in the flowers. Above, in the tree, was a large owl made of LED lights which lit the space. Lauke's soundscape included overlapping voices and haunting owl calls. Research questions included: how might a fractured narrative be embedded into a visual installation and combine with it to create a coherent mythic narrative for audiences?
    Original languageEnglish
    Media of outputOther
    Publication statusPublished - 8 Oct 2010
    EventSecret Light Garden - , United Kingdom
    Duration: 8 Oct 20109 Oct 2010


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