Arts Therapies in the Treatment of Depression

Ania Zubala (Editor), Vicky Karkou (Editor)

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    The book is a comprehensive compilation of expert knowledge on arts therapies’ potential in addressing depression. It gathers examples of current research practice, both qualitative and quantitative, from Europe and beyond. The three sections correspond to particular life stages (children, adults, older people) and individual chapters represent all four arts therapies disciplines (music therapy, art therapy, dance movement therapy and dramatherapy). Since depression is an extremely common condition among clients and patients of arts therapists, identifying best possible ways of addressing the condition in therapy sessions, sharing experience of tools which seem to work best and discussing particularly relevant aspects of depression will inevitably lead to a conscious and confident evidence-based practice. By presenting high profile research in the field, this book aims to improve existing arts therapies practice, empower practitioners to successfully work with depression and to share current research evidence with other professionals working in health, education and arts sectors. The book will include contributions from experts in the field of arts therapies and depression in particular, presenting research projects undertaken recently, either in the form of clinical trials, surveys or case studies. Since the editors believe that arts therapies research should reflect the essentially creative character of the field, the book will become a compilation of examples of diverse research designs and methods, while it will invite discussions and relevant critique of both existing practice but also of relevant research methodologies suited to the research questions asked and the subject matter dealt with. We are aware that high-quality research on arts therapies and depression is emerging from research teams around the world. We would like this research to be more visible, accessible and inspirational for arts therapists, trainees, other health practitioners, researchers and those shaping health provision. We are offering this compilation with hope for research in the field to develop even further.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages264
    ISBN (Print)9781138210769
    Publication statusPublished - 11 May 2018

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    NameInternational Research in the Arts Therapies


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