A report on the health and social care listening event

Tracey Williamson, elaine ball, LP Choucri, E Collier, P Devitt, H Franks, michelle Howarth, J Lythgoe, S Mcandrew, D Roberts, K Rowswell, L Seppala, J Wray, N Yates-Bolton

Research output: Book/ReportProject report


The purpose of the Listening Event was to enable a wide range of people, including professionals working in statutory, voluntary and other organisations and members of the public, to ‘have a say’ about health and social care and what we as a University can do for and with these partners and the public. We particularly wanted to hear about key concerns of the University such as: • Strengthening community engagement and partnerships • Health and social care training we should be providing, for whom, and how this is delivered • Ideas relating to the University themes including media, use of space and buildings, human rights, social justice and security • Research topics we should be addressing However the main strength of the Listening Event approach is that topics for discussion are mostly led by participants who attend. On this occasion, the discussion topics were very much focused on the concerns of participants and lots of information and ideas were generated. The task now is for the event planning team to review the discussion notes and identify what can be addressed and how, in the short, medium and long term. This planning will be taking place over the Autumn in 2011, and any participants or readers of this report are more than welcome to get in touch to work with us or add their views. The purpose of this report is to record all discussion summaries for sharing amongst participants and others. It is important that participants especially get to read what others had said at the event. The report will lead to changes in University practices such as the content of some of our courses and new business ideas and relationships will also be explored. The event itself provided a useful means of public engagement that others may wish to adopt.
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Publication statusPublished - Apr 2011

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