A qualitative evaluation of Hospice staff views of the Liverpool Care Pathway

M. Gambles, S. Stirzaker, B. Jack, J. Ellershaw

Research output: Contribution to conferencePosterpeer-review


Background: The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) is a multi-professional document that provides an evidence-based framework for the delivery of care during the dying phase. Originally developed to transfer best practice from Specialist Palliative Care into the acute sector, the document was then introduced into the Marie Curie Hospice, Liverpool in 1997. A focus group study amongst nursing staff recently undertaken in the acute sector identified the usefulness of the LCP in the delivery of care in the dying phase. However, no work has yet been undertaken around the perspectives of hospice staff. Aim(s): To explore doctors’ and nurses’ perceptions of using the LCP within the hospice setting. Method(s): A purposive sample of 10 nurses and 5 doctors who had worked at the hospice for at least 6 months was selected. This was designed to represent staff working at various grades within the organisation. Individual interviews (audiotaped and transcribed) lasting between 30 mins and one hour were undertaken. A semi-structured topic guide was used to enable the identification of salient themes Results A total of 12 interviews were undertaken (9 nurses, 3 doctors). The LCP was generally regarded by both groups as a useful and important document for the delivery of consistent and appropriate care to dying patients and their carers. Its usefulness as a teaching tool for new/inexperienced staff was also highlighted. Perceptions of hospice staff and staff from the acute sector differed in subtle ways. Conclusions: The pathway was generally regarded favourably by both doctors and nurses in this sample.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2005
Event9th Congress for the European Association for Palliative Care - Aachen, Germany
Duration: 8 Apr 200510 Apr 2005


Conference9th Congress for the European Association for Palliative Care


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