Workshop on Quantitative Methods for Social Work Academics and Practitioners


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    This proposal aims to develop skills in quantitative research methodology for social work academics and practitioners within the Cheshire & Merseyside Social Work Teaching Partnership, to enable them to apply these skills in their own research and/or teaching. This is based on the felt need expressed by partnership members as there is a dearth of quantitative researchers within the region. We will include 20 social workers for the workshop and will organise sessions on quantitative research methods which will be offered by academics available locally and beyond. In addition to providing theoretical inputs relating to various elements of quantitative research, the workshop will provide mentorship opportunities for participants to formulate their research questions and develop a quantitative design for implementation. Each participant will be assigned a mentor, who will continue to provide advice and guidance beyond the workshop.

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    Short titleQuantitative Methods Workshop
    Effective start/end date16/03/2217/03/22


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