Transnational Television Drama in the Multiplatform Age

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The project investigates serial drama across Western countries that are increasingly produced for international distribution via different channels, including broadcast, cable/satellite or streaming services. It examines the opportunities and challenges of such a development but also asks questions about how this affects key aspects of television which are about the nation, the transnational and the global

Layman's description

TV drama is really popular again - and pretty much worldwide. What is interesting about this kind of drama is that it is often made in co-production or at least to be consumed by audiences beyond the originating nation. This project investigates why this is the case, but also what the challenges and opportunities are and how this might impact on national broadcasters such as the BBC in the UK or ARD and ZDF in Germany

Key findings

no findings yet - project is in process
Effective start/end date1/05/191/05/21


  • television drama
  • globalization
  • netflix
  • hbo
  • public broadcasters
  • transnational

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