Thrivability - Integrating Thinking & Learning Skills for Sustainability, Wellbeing, Resilience and Wisdom Education

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Designing and developing a meta-pedagogy which integrates Wisdom, Sustainability, Wellbeing and Resilience for Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Education; Incorporating the Caring, Critical and Creative Thinking Skills of P4C, the Learning Power Approach of Guy Claxton and the Imaginative Teaching framework of Kieran Egan & Gillian Judson.
Mapping, connecting and catalyzing Thrivability initiatives across the Manchester-Mersey bioregion. Supporting grassroots activism, regional empowerment, ecojustice and devolved local governance in the Mersey basin. One Planet - Two City Regions. Many Streams - One River.
Short titleThe Thrivability Toolkit
Effective start/end date1/09/20 → …


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