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Promoting the Ecological University, Bioregional Blog and Portfolio of Projects Interests including TTT: The Thrivability Toolkit - integrative Sustainability, Wellbeing, Resilience & Wisdom education. PPP: Pro Planetary Practice - aligning reflective practice as personal, pedagogical, professional and planetary transformation. SSS: Spiritually Sustainable Society - appreciative/cooperative inquiry into the contemplative ecology of holistic Islam and psycho-spiritual environmentalism. WWW: Worldviews Without Walls - dialogic resources for Religious and Worldviews education.  RRR: Regenerative River Republic - mapping thrivability initiatives in the Manchester-Mersey bioregion. MMM: Meta-Modern Matrix - exploring metamodern solutions to education beyond the Traditional/Modern/Postmodern impasse
Short titleEcoVersity
Effective start/end date1/03/20 → …


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