The Feminist Imaginary: Creative Pedagogies and Methods for Gender Justice and Change

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    This workshop, funded by a Connection grant (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada), will be held at EHU supported by ISR. This is a response to the lack of connection between two key groups, feminist adult researchers/educators and women's museum practitioners, and an opportunity to bring these groups together to conceptualize and operationalize the feminist imaginary together as a critical pedagogical contribution to a more decolonized and gender-just world. The workshop is conceptualized in broad intersectional understandings of gender and the impacts heteropatriarchal colonial practices of exclusion, oppression, and misrepresentation have on diverse populations as well as theories of knowledge, representation, and imagination.

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    A workshop held at EHU and supported by ISR will bring together international colleagues working in the realm of feminist adult education and women's museums to share practice and debate gender equality.
    Short titleFeminist Imaginary
    Effective start/end date26/08/2228/08/22

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    • arts-based, feminist, adult education, museum education

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    • Institute for Social Responsibility


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