Showmen/women Opera Creation

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Arts Council-funded evaluation of the EOC's new project training travelling showmen as animateurs to bring opera to marginalised communities, including three primary schools in disadvantaged areas of Liverpool. This will culminate in shows at Newcastle's Hoppings fair, a long established travelling fair, which involve showmen's children.

Layman's description

Evaluation of a project which aims to bring opera to marginalised communities. It centres round showmen, who work at travelling fairgrounds. A group of showmen has been trained by the European Opera Centre as animateurs with the aim of taking opera to marginalised communities. These animateurs will work in three Liverpool primary schools to develop performances based on opera to the children. They will also lead the development of a performance with children of showmen at Hoppings fair in Newcastle. This will be performed to the public at the fair. The evaluation will explore the processes and outcomes of this work.
Short titleShowmen Opera Creation
Effective start/end date1/06/2231/07/22

Research Institutes

  • Institute for Social Responsibility


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