Philosophy for Teachers (P4T)

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Applying the 4Cs of Caring, Critical, Creative and Collaborative thinking derived from P4C (Philosophy for Children) pedagogy to the academic and professional development of teachers. Developing frameworks for heuristic Iines of inquiry that support the development of personal philosophies of education through dialogue in communities in inquiry.

Enabling trainee teachers to expand their reflective practice to include Personal Development (Mindfulness, Personality, Spirituality, Way of Life), Pedagogical Development (Thinking, Imaginative Teaching, Positive Learning, Curriculum Theory), Professional Development (Teamworking, Professional Culture, Leadership, Transformative School), Planetary Development (Worldview, Peace, Politics, Ecological Civilisation)

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Teaching teachers to think for a change
Short titlePhilosophy for Teachers
Effective start/end date2/09/19 → …