MOTHER: Maternal IoT Garment for Home-based Foetal Electro-Cardiogram


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This project aims to develop an innovative wearable IoT foetal electrocardiogram (FECG) device to provide a home-based solution for foetal monitoring.

Layman's description

Women undergoing high-risk pregnancies require regular FECG monitoring to ensure the baby is not at risk. At present most FECG solutions are not home-based and only available onsite at hospitals. The few home-based FECG products in the market, however, are not suitable for daily usage due to the limited wearability. With advanced printed electronics and electric potential sensors embodied seamlessly in a garment worn for the comfort of the pregnant mother, our proposed technology will provide non-invasive continuous and reliable FECG monitoring to ensure safe foetal development.
Short titleMOTHER
Effective start/end date1/02/1830/09/19

Research Centres

  • Data and Complex Systems Research Centre


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