Long stay children on paediatric Intensive Care

  • Shaw, Suzanne (PI)
  • Masoor, Mahmoud (CoI)
  • Ellis, Rachel (CoI)
  • Chamberlain-Parr, Clare (CoI)

Project Details


This mixed methods study is examining both the demographics and outcomes of long stay patients (LSP) and very long stay patients (VLSP) on the PICU at Alder Hey Children's Hospital. In addition we are exploring the challenges and needs of the nursing and medical staff who are caring for and managing these children.

Layman's description

Although for most children their stay on the PICU is short (around 3 days), there is a small proportion of children who stay much longer and this group if children is increasing, especially in children undergoing very complex surgery. We want to explore the profile of these children and the challenges of the staff caring for these children and their families.
Short titleLSP on PICU
Effective start/end date1/01/221/10/22

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