Lonesome Tonight


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    The objective of the research is to look at the underrepresentation of British East Asians in cinema and TV and create a dialogue on the representation of British East Asian on British screen and television.
    •Do screen representations of British Chinese identities function as cultural sites for the articulation of specific meanings, relations, histories and struggles?
    •To what extent is the British East Asian experience constrained by western stereotypical discourse?
    •To what extent are those perceptions negative?
    •To what extent is that performance constrained by western stereotypical perceptions of the Oriental?
    •Can these perceptions be challenged and countered by independent productions by British East Asian artist’s and actors?

    Layman's description

    Lonesome Tonight is made in the style of an British sitcom and uses the verbatim dialogue to create pathos

    •highlight the marginalization of British East Asian identity on British screens.
    Effective start/end date1/05/1830/11/19


    • BAME identity; representation; British East Asian; British Chinese; British Chinese hidden history; verbatim films; fictional actuality; short films


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