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gtm.4Live is a library of Max for Live devices that, through various approaches, expands and streamlines the functionality of Ableton Live in novel ways and, in doing so, advances creative practice within the field of electronic/computer music composition/production/performance. Included in the software suite is a variety of workflow utilities, temporal effects, and sequencers, all of which demonstrate originality and imaginative and creative scope by engaging with new and complex problems in order to produce formal innovations, interpretations, and insights.

The process of developing gtm.4Live is indicative of producing new material and developing new knowledge, innovation, and creative methodologies within the field of electronic/computer music. Perhaps more impactful, however, is the affordance by gtm.4Live to practising electronic/computer musicians of new forms of expression and creative and technical potentialities, which empower and facilitate them in producing new material via innovative creative methodologies of their own, made possible by employing the various Max for Live devices that together comprise gtm.4Live as part of their creative workflow.

The capacity of gtm.4Live to influence emergent creative practices in this way is indicative of its significance. This is supported by empirical data on unique downloads for each of gtm.4Live’s constituent devices, which can be used to ascertain impact. Devices are priced at £2 each, with the value decided upon to ensure the accuracy of any conclusions drawn in relation to impact without limiting accessibility. Free software is often downloaded in greater numbers but is more likely to go unused once acquired. Each device is accompanied by a demo video and description to ensure user understanding of functionality prior to purchase. Both Ableton Live and Max (host software) are proprietary products, so a small fee of £2 per device carries minimal risk of pricing out potential users and reducing accessibility. Proceeds generated from the sale of devices are reinvested into the project, funding things such as software licences, hardware, learning resources, and development time.

gtm.4Live is a professional-grade product and is indicative of best practice in software development. All devices demonstrate intellectual coherence and integrity and adopt robust and appropriate UX/UI design and programming concepts.
Effective start/end date1/05/20 → …


  • electronic music
  • computer music
  • Ableton Live
  • Max for Live
  • Max/MSP/Jitter


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