Drag Vistas & Visions: Drag in a Changing Scene Vol 3

  • Farrier, Stephen (CoI)

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This volume places performance at the heart of the discussion, looking to explore how drag as performance form, lived identity and community practice can be framed or approached. The volume explores what languages and critical frameworks available to speak about and theorise contemporary and historical drag performance. As we develop the field of drag study, a diversity of ways of making, recording, and approaching drag performance continue to be present. This volume will lead the way in how the field develops as an area of study and practice. This being so, the volume articulates ways of studying, framing, and theorising drag performance in non-reductive, non-extractive ways. The volume approaches making sense of the field in a similar way to the work in it, that is, specifically located, geographically and historically, and with various aims and ends. This multiplicity in the area is evident in the volume through cross/transdisciplinary approaches to lay out the field. The volume will, of course, engage with the ways that some drag work will queerly resist classification in a fluidity of ways.

Layman's description

Research into drag methods and frameworks.

Key findings

Drag frameworks, drag methods, drag futuring, drag frames for research.
Effective start/end date3/05/2131/01/24

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