Cyber Security for IoT Based Healthcare Applications

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The aim of this proposal is to establish a collaborative research link between University of Bahrain and Edge Hill University in cyber security area. The two institutions offer BSc and MSc programs in cyber security, in addition to conducting active research in the areas of cyber security and Internet of Things. This research link will directly enable to create a synergy between the two institutions’s academic and research activities.

Layman's description

Edge Hill has recently concluded a successful project on cyber security funded by the Higher Education Academy ( The sustainable impact can be demonstrated through sharing both teaching and learning practices as well as research findings between the two institutions. This could lead to offering world-class training in cyber-security, in addition to joint MSc and PhD supervisions between the two institutions resulting in high-quality joint-publications. By establishing a long-term research relationship, the two institutions could mutually benefit from the resources, domain experts and industry partners to explore core cyber security research challenges through external research grants. This relationship could be further explored in form of student-exchange programs and delivering specialist cyber-security training to students and staff.
Effective start/end date1/03/18 → 31/03/19

Research Centres

  • Data and Complex Systems Research Centre


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