Arts for the Blues intervention 2-day training course

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Arts for the Blues intervention 2-day training course delivered between 10-4 pm in November 2023 for up to 40 GM CAMHS staff.

The training programme will introduce learners to the Arts for the Blues model, including the theoretical framework and the key therapeutic ingredients. It will offer a space for exploration of the model while allowing learners to develop their own practice with the Arts for the Blues framework.

Learners will attend two six-hour workshops over two days. Sessions will be delivered in groups of up to 15 participants and will take place in a studio space. Theoretical content will be delivered via PowerPoint using in studio technology, the studio space will offer learners the space to engage in experiential learning with creative media.

This quote includes all materials provide during the training along with expenses and travel as required for tutors.

Venue is to be provided by the client.

The provisional dates for this training are 17 November and 1 December 2023. These are subject to change in agreement between the client and providers.
StatusNot started

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