ARMOUR: Developing AI Tools and PRocesses for IMprOved Intelligence and AUtonomy in Disaster Resilience

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The proposed research aims to develop AI system that facilitate intelligent, secure, and autonomous infrastructure management. This will be achieved through collaborative efforts across various disciplines, including infrastructure management, cybersecurity, AI, machine learning, remote sensing, autonomous systems, social sciences, and regulatory bodies. It will be designed to effectively handle high volumes of data from diverse sources, enabling customised contextual reasoning to support the management of resilient infrastructure. Given the increasing interconnectedness, prioritizing resilience becomes crucial. Therefore, there is an urgent need to create tools for the prevention, identification, analysis, and response to threats based on multimodal information in Smart Cities. The plan is to design and develop real-time Machine Learning and Deep Learning methods for three specific use case scenarios: airports, motorway networks, and healthcare/finance. Key AI technologies will undergo validation and demonstration in industrially relevant environments (to TRL 5-6) and subsequently disseminated to researchers, industry professionals, and infrastructure managers.
Short titleARMOUR
StatusNot started

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Research Centres

  • Centre for Intelligent Visual Computing Research
  • Data and Complex Systems Research Centre
  • Data Science STEM Research Centre
  • Centre for Social Responsibility


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