An exploration of the support and resources needed by university lecturers and neurodiverse students to successfully navigate the demands of pre-registration nursing programmes in one UK university. A descriptive phenomenological study.

Project Details


Aims and objectives
To explore the support needs of lecturers in meeting the needs of neurodiverse pre-registration student nurses.
To explore the support needs of neurodiverse pre-registration student nurses.
To use the findings to enable to increase the effectiveness of support for neurodiverse nursing students in theory element and practice placements.
To facilitate inclusive teaching and learning in class and in clinical placement.
To enable collaboration with partners in the development of resources

Layman's description

Study will explore the current and future needs of staff in supporting of neurodiverse students, and what support the students actually need.

Key findings

Study in early stages.
Short titleFHSCM Neurodiversity Project
StatusNot started


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