Among Us: A Collaborative Twitter Fiction

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Among Us was a real-time, mass participatory Twitter Fiction story that I wrote/curated as part of the Twitter Fiction festival, 2014.

It went live from 5pm GMT Saturday 15th March to 5pm GMT Sunday 16th March, 2014.

Over 24 hours, I tweeted summaries of news stories under the account @au_twitfic, giving details of a revelation that aliens were living among us on Earth. The news stories covered topics such as responses from governments, the UN, religious and political groups, as well as statements from the aliens themselves. This all led up to a further revelation from the aliens, explaining why they had kept themselves hidden and what their intentions were, released 24 hours after the start of the story.

Participants created their characters’ stories by responding to these news tweets and tweeting their own actions and speculations on the day this news came to light.
Short titleAmong US
Effective start/end date15/03/1416/03/14


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