A mixed method study to explore the impact and outcomes of a specialist Building Attachment & Bonds Service (The BABS Study).


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This research aims to : a) Examine women’s levels of anxiety, depression and reflective functioning as they receive support from the Building Attachment & Bonds Service in Knowsley. b) Examine the relationships between women’s anxiety, depression, and reflective functioning from TP1 (admission) to TP2 (discharge). c) Examine how women’s anxiety, depression and reflective functioning impact upon parent-child attachment at TP2 (discharge) from BABS. d) Explore parents’ experiences of receiving support from the BABS programme. e) Explore stakeholders’ perceptions of working with and for the BABS programme. f) Explore future research design related to a study suitable for external grant application such as Research for Patient Benefit Grant (RFPB) 2020, which includes an aspect involving a longer term follow up.

Key findings

The study is ongoing and will complete February 2020.
Effective start/end date1/11/1828/02/20

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