A comparative analysis of two distinct models of Practice Education within Local Authority Placements

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This research will explore the benefits and limitations of a new approach to practice education It will examine the experiences of students and practice educators involved in two distinct models of practice education for final year placements within a LA. In both samples, the students’ practice educator will be ‘on-site’ in the sense that they will be working within the same LA as the student. The key variable factor will be that one group will have a PE who is working in the same team, whereas the other group will have a PE who is working on a different team, making them partially independent. We will examine positive and negative implications for teaching and learning, particularly when it comes to some of the key challenges that face social work students and PEs such as; - Role clarity for PE and student. - Power imbalances

- Professional boundaries - Organisational dynamics - Competing case loads and time constraints for PE - Work load relief for practice educators - Students may not feel safe reporting concerns or challenging practice, they may fear adverse consequences. - The implications of Covid-19 on the placement and practice education experience.
Effective start/end date1/04/2231/03/23

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