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    Stephanie Wearing-Kennedy is a Senior Lecturer in Business Management and Accounting at Edgehill University, where they have been a valuable member of the faculty since February 2023. With a rich background in academia and a successful career in the automotive industry, she brings a wealth of experience to both the classroom and the field of research.

    Prior to joining Edgehill University, Stephanie held key positions at various prestigious institutions. They served as a Lecturer in Business Management at University Academy 92, where they demonstrated a passion for imparting knowledge and fostering academic excellence. Additionally, their role as an Associate Lecturer in Business Management and Accounting at the University of Central Lancashire showcased a commitment to academic rigor and the development of future business leaders.

    Stephanie has also contributed significantly to widening participation initiatives in education, serving as a Business Lecturer at an alternative provider. Their focus on engaging with students from diverse backgrounds aligns with their dedication to creating an inclusive learning environment.

    Currently embarking on a Ph.D. journey at the University of Liverpool, Stephanie is exploring the intriguing realm of female leaders in the automotive industry. This research venture reflects their commitment to advancing knowledge and understanding in a field where they have already established a successful career.

    Drawing on their extensive experience in the automotive industry, Stephanie has navigated roles from operational levels to senior management. This diverse professional background provides them with a unique perspective on business operations at every level, offering students a valuable glimpse into real-world scenarios. Stephanie ‘s ability to seamlessly integrate practical insights into the academic setting enriches the learning experience for students, preparing them for the dynamic and ever-evolving business landscape.

    Stephanie is not only a dedicated educator and researcher but also a seasoned professional who has made substantial contributions to the automotive industry. Their multifaceted career journey positions them as a thought leader capable of bridging the gap between academia and industry, making a lasting impact on both fronts. As Stephanie continues to inspire and shape the minds of future business professionals, their commitment to excellence in education and research remains unwavering.


    Research interests

    Stephanie is beginning her research journey with a primary focus on exploring the experiences of female leaders navigating male-dominated industries, with a particular emphasis on the automotive sector. Her research is driven by a passion for understanding gender diversity in traditionally male-dominated environments and identifying the changes that have occurred over time.

    In her quest to shed light on the challenges and triumphs of women in the automotive industry, Stephanie aims to gain profound insights into the lived experiences of these leaders. By delving into their narratives, she seeks to uncover the unique barriers they face and, more importantly, identify strategies for overcoming these challenges. One of the key objectives of Stephanie’s research is to develop a comprehensive framework that can be adopted by industries, specifically within the automotive sector. This framework is envisioned to provide organisations with valuable insights into the nuanced barriers hindering gender diversity, offering practical solutions that support policymakers in fostering more inclusive workplaces.

    Actively engaged with industry associations such as the Women Automotive Network, Stephanie collaborates with like-minded professionals to enrich her research insights. This collaboration not only enhances the depth of her research but also contributes to the ongoing discourse on gender diversity in male-dominated industries. By actively participating in these networks, Stephanie will ensure that her work remains relevant, impactful, and aligned with the current trends and challenges faced by women in the automotive sector.

    Stephanie’s research aims to go beyond mere academic inquiry; it is a proactive effort to instigate positive change. Through her work, she aspires to encourage women to pursue and thrive in industries traditionally dominated by men. By bridging the gap between academia and industry, Stephanie seeks to create a lasting impact that transcends theoretical understanding, influencing policies and practices to create more inclusive and diverse environments for future generations of female leaders.


    Stephanie is a dynamic force in higher education, making significant contributions to teaching, particularly within the widening participation arena. Her teaching philosophy is centred on bringing classrooms to life by integrating real-life scenarios, creating an engaging and practical learning experience for all students.

    In the realm of widening participation, Stephanie goes above and beyond to ensure that education is accessible to students from diverse backgrounds. Her commitment to inclusivity is reflected in her teaching methods, which resonate with students from various walks of life. By incorporating real-life scenarios into her lectures, she not only enhances the learning experience but also bridges the gap between theory and practice.

    Stephanies passion for teaching and dedication to her students have not gone unnoticed. Her outstanding contributions have been recognised through multiple awards, including those for academic excellence, resilience, and best lecturer. These accolades underscore her ability to inspire and empower students, creating an environment where learning thrives.

    As an educator, Stephanie is not only imparting knowledge but also instilling a sense of resilience and determination in her students. Her innovative and inclusive teaching methods have a lasting impact on the educational journey of those she teaches, fostering a love for learning and a drive for academic success.

    In the widening participation arena, Stephanie continues to be a pioneer, breaking down barriers and opening doors for students who may not have traditionally considered higher education. Through her transformative teaching practices, she contributes significantly to creating an educational landscape that is not only academically enriching but also socially inclusive.

    Education/Academic qualification

    International Management , MSc, University of Bolton

    5 Sept 20201 Jun 2022

    Award Date: 1 Nov 2022

    Post Graduate Certificate in Education (M) 14+, PGCert, University of Bolton

    5 Jan 20171 May 2018

    Award Date: 1 Jun 2018

    Business Management , BA, University of Bolton

    5 Sept 201231 May 2016

    Award Date: 1 Jun 2016

    Business Management , Other, Access to Higher Education Diploma , University of Bolton

    5 Jan 201231 May 2021

    Award Date: 5 Jul 2012


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