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    What is like to not know the answer to the question 'how do you feel?' I'm currently interested in Emotion blindness (Alexithymia), and the recognition of emotional states in the self and others.
    I am primarily a quantitative neuroscientist, and use EEG, Eyetracking, and physiological measurements such as heartrate, and skin conductance to study emotional responses. I am also interested in the relationship of subjective experience of emotions, and how that relates to the brain and the body's measurable responses. What does it mean when subjective experience and objective measures diverge?. I am also interested in what happens to emotional processing as people move into older age. Are emotions differently felt, and differently processed in the brains of older age people?

    I have an ongoing examining brain signals in younger and older people with Alexithymia (with EEG), directed towards understanding and about understanding and preserving emotional health, and work with Eleanor Clarke, and Dr Felicity Wolohan on loneliness. Please contact me for more details, and how you might get involved with this project, as either graduate student, undergraduate student intern, or as a participant.

    I recently joined SustainNet ( )Edge Hills network to promote sustainable living and research into aspects of climate change. If you might be interested in a postgraduate or undergraduate project focusing on emotions and climate change, please get in touch.



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