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    PSY2112: Developmental Psychology (Module Leader)

    EDP3101: Psychology Placement: Linking Theory to Practice (Module Leader)

    MSc Dissertation supervision


    I have a range of research interests, but my primary interest is on sleep, and how that can support our learning.


    Social Media and Preadolescence

    Social media is now an integral part of our lives, but an increasing number of preadolescents are on social media. I am interested in how this affects their sleep and general life.

    Sleep and Numerical Cognition

    We know that sleep can aid in the consolidation of a variety of information, but one area not fully explored is how it can support learning of mathematics and related concepts. Our preprint demonstrates that sleep can support learning of newly learned mathematical concepts when sleep occurs shortly after learning.

    Autism Spectrum Disorder & Sense of Ownership

    Alongside colleagues at Lancaster University I have an interest in how children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) understand the concept of ownership. We have previously published on this and are now looking to expand on this.

    Neurodiversity in Academia

    Working with FORRT I am part of a team working on advocating for neurodiversity within Academia. Within our team we have published on the importance of valuing neurodiversity within academia and how Open Scholarship can support this, as well as presented work at several conferences. We have been awarded a grant from the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science for our work to produce a database of neurodiverse authors to further promote representation.

    Education/Academic qualification

    Psychology, PhD, Department of Psychology, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK.

    Sept 2014Jun 2018


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