MSc Dissertation - Forensic Psychology: The Dark Tetrad in Relationships: Sexual Coaxing, Coercion and Rape Myth Acceptance

  • Nicola Beckett (Participant)
  • LONGPRE, N. (Director of Studies)

Activity: Other activity typesResearch degree supervision


Sexual coercion and sexual violence play a significant role in and outside of romantic relationships in today's contemporary society. Research has linked the Dark Tetrad (psychopathy [meanness, boldness, and disinhibition], narcissism, Machiavellianism, and sadism) to the increased likelihood of perpetrating sexual coercion and rape against a stranger. Despite rapes being predominantly conducted by those known to the victim, little research addresses this. Therefore, our understanding of the relationship between the Dark Tetrad and intimate rape is limited. The aim of the present study is to explore the relationship between the Dark Tetrad and sexual coaxing, coercion, and Rape Myth acceptance, while considering the effects of relationship status and relationship length. A sample of N = 461 participants was sourced from the general population. In analysis, Pearson's r correlations, independent sample t-tests and multiple linear regressions were conducted. Results show a gender difference, with women endorsing more sexually coercive tactics and men accepting more Rape Myths. Furthermore, relationships were established between some facets of the Dark Tetrad and sexual violence, predominantly sadism and meanness. These results have several implications. This study expands our understanding of the characteristics and motivations of sexually violent perpetrators, enabling the design of effective prevention programmes and directing future research.
PeriodOct 2021
Held atRoehampton University, United Kingdom


  • Dark Tetrad
  • Sexual Coercion
  • Rape Myths
  • Relationship
  • Gender Differences